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Shipping & Handling


Low Price 24h ships all over Europe.

Austria Belgium Bulgaria Denmark Estonia Finland Greece Ireland Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg Netherlands Poland Portugal Czech Republic Slovakia Slovenia Sweden Hungary Switzerland

We trust our products to the major and most reliable international shipping companies, in order to make sure your package will arrive to its destination safely and without any problem.

Shipping costs

Shipping costs indicated during checkout represent effective costs for most countries. In some cases, shipping costs may be higher than those listed due to certain remote or distressed areas. In these cases, we will inform you about extra do costs or you will have the chance to choose a different shipping method.

Order Shipping & Processing

All of our products are available for shipment within 3 to 5 working days after the date when payment is received. Please note that processing times indicated above and shipping times cannot be guaranteed 100% of the times. Delivery might be subject to delays for a series of reasons, some of which may or may not be within our area of control (in some cases, for instance, customs service mightkeep the products on hold, in order to run a check, and this can delay delivery). Therefore, we cannot beheld responsible for delays or non-delivery caused by your country’s customs authorities.

Customs & Taxes

Most of our products might be subject to customs or VAT costs based on the applicable laws of the importing country. Please verify the import policy of your country of residence in order to understand and the check applicability of possible duties or taxes for the products you purchase.

Any duties and taxes applied in your country are not included in the purchase price of your order and must be paid by you directly to your government or to the carrier, upon product delivery.

The customer is responsible for paying such duties and taxes for which Low Price 24h is not able to make an estimate of the relative costs. The customer is responsible for contacting local customs offices in order to acquire information regarding the matter before placing an order. The customer has to abide by any laws and regulations of the country in which the products will be shipped. Low Price 24h is not responsible for lack of compliance of local laws by the customer.

Low Price 24h would not be held responsible for possible shipping delays due to controls by the customs authorities of your country, since this is not something we can control.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Low Price 24h Team